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Prices And Flavors List



Classic Flavors/Standard Size:


Premium Flavors/Standard Size:


Classic Flavors/Mini Size:

$35/ (2) Dozen

Premium Flavors/Mini Size:

$45/ (2) Dozen

*Minis must be ordered in quantities of 2 Dozen*

(1 Flavor per 2 Dozen)

Cupcake Monograms: $65 per Letter

Letter Cake: $90 per Letter

Cupcake  Gift Box: $40 a dozen (Classic Flavor Selection)

Split Flavor: Because we bake to order, if you would like an additional flavor per dozen its $8.00 additional

Classic Flavors 



Birthday Cake

Red Velvet



Cookies and Cream


Maple Bacon

Banana Pudding


4 inch $15

6 inch $35

 8 inch $55

10 inch $ 65

Classic Vanilla: creamy vanilla cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze​

Key Lime: Tart, velvety cheesecake with key lime crunch topping

Cookies and Cream: vanilla cheesecake with chocolate cookie crumbs

Strawberry Crunch: Delicious vanilla cheesecake with strawberry cake base with cake chunks

White Chocolate Raspberry: White chocolate cheesecake with raspberry swirl

Banana Cream: Banana Cheesecake with graham cracker crumb

 Lemon Drop:  Lemon cheesecake topped with meringue

Flavor Maximums

1-5 Dozen (Standard Size): 1 Flavor Per Dozen

6+ Dozen (Standard Size): Inquire

Birthday Cake

*2 Dozen minimum*

Basic customization (1-2 colors, standard swirl and/or sanding sugar) $25/Dozen

Extra customization (glitter, gold/silver, customization, etc.) $30/Dozen and up

Message/Logo tag $6 Dozen

Cake Jars

Cake Jars consist of our delicious cupcakes layered with yummy frosting, other flavor-specific fillings, and toppings all packaged in a resealable convenient jar! As with our locally packaged and delivered cupcakes, Cake Jars are always made fresh using quality ingredients. Cake Jars are shelf-stable 1-2 days at room temperature after receipt (depending on transit time) They can also be frozen or refrigerated to extend shelf life.


8oz. Cake Jars: $ 10

Add a Gift Bag: Inquire about styles and pricing

Add Custom Labels and Ribbon: $1 per Jar

Cake Jars make great gifts!

Simply add a gift  bag and gift tag to your order and tell us where to deliver  it!

Classic Layer Cakes

Our handcrafted cakes are three layers of round cake made with our signature Delicious Swiss Meringue buttercream and an average 6″ tall.

6 inches


serves 8-12

8 inches


serves 15-24

10 inches


serves 25-35

Half Sheet


serves 45-55


BIRTHDAY CAKE: Moist vanilla cake layers filled with colorful sprinkles, vanilla frosting, and topped with more sprinkles

STRAWBERRY: Strawberry cake layers with vanilla whipped cream frosting, topped with strawberries

LEMON DROP: Citrus Lemon flavor cupcake with lemon buttercream and garnished with fresh lemon

VANILLA: Vanilla cake layers with plenty of vanilla buttercream

CHOCOLATE: Intense chocolate layers, filled with chocolate ganache, and iced with chocolate buttercream frosting!

Premium Layer Cakes

6 inches


serves 8-12

8 inches


serves 15-24

10 inches


serves 25-35

Half Sheet


serves 45-55


GERMAN CHOCOLATE: Moist chocolate cake, with our own caramel-coconut-pecan filling, and frosted with chocolate buttercream

RED VELVET: Our Traditional Red Velvet Cake, filled and frosted with our cream cheese frosting, garnished with red velvet crumbs, and topped with pecans

KEY LIME: Sweet and Tangy key lime cake with a coconut cream cheese frosting and garnished with fresh limes

SUPREME CARROT: Sugar and spice with everything nice. – Carrots, cinnamon, pineapple, pecans, coconut flakes, and cream cheese frosting!

BANANA PUDDING: Banana-flavored cake layers, banana pudding filling, and our signature whipped cream frosting. Garnished with banana chip slices and Vanilla wafers

CHOCOLATE TURTLE: Our Signature Chocolate Cake, layered with chocolate buttercream, and garnished with chocolate and caramel ganache and fresh pecans

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM: Our delicious moist vanilla cake with fresh strawberry and cream cheese filling with Swiss Meringue buttercream

NEAPOLITAN: Alternating vanilla and decadent chocolate cake layers, fresh strawberry cake filling and frosting

STRAWBERRY CRUNCH: Strawberry cake layers, frosting with vanilla buttercream and topped with a strawberry/vanilla crumble

PINEAPPLE COCONUT: Moist coconut cake with pineapple filling and coconut Swiss meringue buttercream

COOKIES N’ CREAM: Delicious vanilla cake layers, cookies n’ cream frosting, chocolate ganache, Oreo cookie garnish


Ghirardelli Chocolate Drip $5.00

Premium Floral Arrangement $15.00

Basic Floral Arrangement $8.00

French Macaroons 6ct $15.00

Candy, bark, or chocolate art $10.00

Fresh Fruit or Edible Gold $8.00

Cake Topper $15.00

Edible Image $10.0

Classic And Specialty Pound Cakes And Mini



MINI BUNDT CAKES:6 count $35, Dozen: $50


Classic: Lemon, Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Butter

Specialty :

Pecan Praline with Brown Butter glaze

I want some of your Brown Sugar Pound with Brown Butter Glaze

I’m sweet on you Sweet Potato Pound with Praline topping

Slap You Mama Peach Cobbler Pound


  • Red velvet Brownies: $25 plain / $30 with Pecans and cream cheese frosting

  • Brownies: $30plain/$35 Turtle (chocolate, caramel, and pecans topping), Cream cheese

  • 8inch Cheesecake Cake: $65 2 layers of cake and 1 cheesecake layer 6-inch Cheesecake Cake: $55 2 layers of cake and 1 cheesecake layer

  • Parfaits in a jar 8oz: $8 per jar minimum of 4 (mousse cups with graham crackers or Cookie crumble ex. Cheesecake (fruit topping), chocolate, banana pudding, cookies, and cream

  • Pies: $25 pecan, cherry, sweet potato, pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry, apple, and No-bake Cheesecake

  • Banana Pudding Pan: $50 (serves 10-20) $ 75 ( servers 20-40)

Gourmet Dessert Gift Box

6 chocolate-covered strawberries

6 Chewies or Brownies

1 six-inch cheesecake or 6 inches 2 layers cake $75

*Cake Shipping Not Available*

*Carved, 3-D, and fully covered Fondant cakes are not available at this time*

Any order placed less than SEVEN (7) days prior to the event will be charged an additional RUSH FEE of $25 (or more depending on the extent of the order).

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