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Chef Christie Wheeler

Chef  Christie was born and raised in a small town call Pringletown, South Carolina. Her mother was a single mother raising four children. Being the only girl Christie was left with the responsibility to cook the meals for herself and her brothers. This led to her love of baking when she would bake cakes or cookies for herself and her brothers.


Though she loved to bake she never saw it as a business.

 Christie went on to join the military and worked many different jobs. In the back of her mind, there was always something she knew she was meant to do. 


With the birth of her daughter  Jaymi Kristina,  Christie decided that she wanted to show her daughter that you should never let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams. Christie started  Take a Bite Dessert by making cakes, cupcakes, and chewies.

This was satisfying but she believed she could do more than the regular cakes and cupcakes. Christie wanted to be a Pastry Chef that served upscale delicacies such as macrons, eclairs, creme brulee, and more. That yearning led her to Escoffier Culinary Arts to pursue her culinary dream to become a pastry chef.

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