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Passion and Continued Industry Growth

This has been a year of growth in my baking and learning what it truly means to be a pastry chef. I have learned a lot from my instructors and  I am grateful that they were willing to share their knowledge and tips.  I will continue to invest in my culinary passion by taking classes and practicing my craft. I plan to attend the local college here when the timing is right for my family to get my associate's degree and use the knowledge I gained at Escoffier to enhance my journey.


What makes Take A Bite Desserts different from a similar local business in my area is that we offer a diverse variety of desserts and treats.  We not only bake cakes but we also offer wedding packages and birthday packages. With the packages we have a trailer that will be decorated to go with the theme of your wedding or party it will have a sitting area and your desserts will be elegantly displayed it will be like having your own little island of desserts, At Taking A Bite Desserts what also sets us apart from or competitors is that we keep track of all of our clients and their special occasions.  When it gets closer to the client's birthday or whatever the occasion we will send a card with a 10% discount off of their next custom cake that will be good for that whole month. 

We also believe in community.  Once a month we go to different nonprofits and provide cupcakes and we also serve at local food banks and help serve food and we make sheet cakes to serve on days that we are there to serve. During the summer months, we offer cake classes for aspiring and non-kid chefs where they can come each Saturday afternoon and we teach them from start to bottom how to bake and decorate a cake they will be able to go take home and share with their family. We also offer mommy and me classes where mom and daughters come and decorate cakes/ cupcakes or cookies.  

At Take A Bite Desserts we know that the cake world is always changing so we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest cake trends and desserts so that we can keep up with the ever-changing world of desserts. We are always training and researching flavor combinations and with trial and error continue to modify our menu so as the seasons change we offer a unique dessert that would fit with the season and keep our customers guessing what is next. 

One of the biggest trends we see a lot of people gravitating to are keto and gluten-free diets. To help our customers that are gluten-free and keto we offer those options. 

Take a Bite we pride ourselves on service. We provide customer service training to all of our employees at both the front and the back of the house because we never know when someone from the back of the house would have to assist with the front of the house. We train them on how to take an order properly,  voice control, and attitude control. We know that word of mouth can make or break your business and great customer services will keep people coming back as well as refer you to their family and friends. We undoubtedly believe that the other establishments offer great desserts but we believe that applying these other perks helps Take A Bite Desserts to set ourselves apart.

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